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QES + YNOT host Menachem Tabanpour

Updated: May 25, 2023

Event: Nesting a Startup from Ideation to Launch

On Thursday 4th May 2023, the YNOT Institute, in conjunction with the Queens' Entrepreneurship Society, held the event "Nesting a Startup from Ideation to Launch" in the Bowett Room.

This event explored the technology commercialisation process from ideation to business scaling, and combined a presentation and an interactive workshop session that was both educational and engaging.

The speaker for the event was Menachem Tabanpour, an experienced entrepreneur and investor, currently serving as the Managing Director of gener8tor Luxembourg. His presentation provided an insightful overview of the technology commercialisation process, covering various aspects like ideation, team formation, and business launch. He delved into Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development, and also touched upon the importance of intellectual property and funding in the process of launch a startup.

The workshop session saw him challenge participants to envision their journey from ideation to creating an MVP, as well as to move from MVP to a successful business launch. These exercises were followed by discussion sessions that allowed participants to share their insights, learn from each others' experiences, and receive individual feedback. The session was interactive and gave everyone a chance to network and discuss their ideas.

Thank you to Menachem and all the attendees for a great event!

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